Since 2011 I have supported leaders of international corporations, state-owned enterprises, and business owners as a coach, mentor, and workshop facilitator.

I have personally worked with over 1,200 leaders and business owners from 11 countries (Poland, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore and others).

Seven thousand hours of coaching and facilitation work (2011-2020).

My experience

I have created and developed MAXIMIZING ( – the leader in the corporate language training market in Poland (with over 300 Clients and a team of 3,500 Tutors (since 2001).

  • Supporting organisations in building the culture of interdependence – including international projects – deployed in Poland, Ireland, the UK and Spain (over 110 projects, years 2014-2020)
  • Individual coaching processes – mainly for top-level management, including board members (since 2011)
  • Cooperating with Performance Consultants International ( – facilitating and co-facilitating licensed in-house programmes for leaders (e.g.VOLVO Leadership Academy, MEDTRONIC) and open events – Coaching for Performance Level 1 – in Poland and the UK (since 2014)
  • Certified Coach Mentor with The Coaching Academy (since 2018) ( – supporting TCA Students in the certification process and further professional development.
  • Helping coaches and professionals in other life-transforming services to grow profitable businesses (
  • “Step Into Leadership” (270 participants) – a year-long programme for newly promoted leaders – workshops & individual coaching and mentoring support
  • “Leadership Academy” – a comprehensive 3-year-long leadership development programme for 430 middle and top managers
  • “Coaching for Success” – a three-month-long development programme for 140 leaders (implemented in Poland, Germany and Spain)
  • “Coaching for Excellence” – a six-month-long programme developing coaching skills for senior managers,
  • “Communication across cultures” – designing and facilitating a workshop for 24 managers (USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Mexico) – recognition from US Bank (Frankfurt)
  • “Coaching for Performance” – facilitating, co-facilitating and co-designing licenced programmes for global clients in Poland and UK